February 16, 2018 was a scary night. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing. For some strange reason I believed that God had led me to share a message called "From Lock Up To Legacy" based on my experience in jail and post release - on the same opening night as the blockbuster film "Black Panther." It was the scariest thing that I had done in a long time. It was almost guaranteed that no one would show up.

To add insult to injury, everything from the CD that was supposed to play to the live recording of the event was failing. Then suddenly, it was time for me to come from behind the curtains and share this message of hope. That's when everything changed. 

I came out to a packed audience. Not only that, special guest were present all over the room - even the people that I had written about in my monologue.

"From Lock Up To Legacy" was born.

From that day on, God has since inspired me to help others to share their own personal stories of redemption to glorify both the work and person of Jesus Christ.
  1. Managing Director
George Moore Jr. is the founder of Legacy Reentry Foundation NFP - a faith based 501c3 non-profit organization and ministry dedicated to the mission of helping the formerly incarcerated (and anybody else in need of a second chance) to reintegrate back into society.

LRF is based in Waukegan IL. where George, his wife & members of this mission see people from all walks of life recieve jobs, clothing, and a variety of other resources daily. "From Lock Up To Legacy" focuses on helping people to both find and share their personal story of redemption - as an outreach auxillery of Legacy Reentry Foundation.

George is also a Chaplain at the Lake County Jail, one of the same jails that he was once detained in and where he also teaches a life-skills class weekly encouraging returning citizens to embrace their God given Legacy.

George is an ordained Elder and Evangelist serving alonsgside his wife ReGina Moore under the leadership of Pastor Lamarr & Brenda Lark of Connection Church Libertyville where the mission work of Legacy is also supported.

What's Your Why?

INTRO: The Reason I Give Him Praise - In The Midst of Madness
There are times that occurred in my life when I absolutely knew that I should have died. Many of you reading this right now can probably attest to the same thing - but I know exactly why I escaped death. It was not luck and no I’m not going to give you some politically correct answer to ease your curiosity. The factual reason that I did not die is simply this: Death has no power over the purpose of God.

I assume that you do know that if God wanted you dead you would definitely be deceased by now. And since God is not a figment of our imaginations, the day that our bodies will expire on this earth is ultimately controlled by Him. Therefore it can be safely concluded that God has a purpose for your life since you are still here.

Now, if you’re a fast thinker, you’ve probably already asked this question in your mind: “What is God’s purpose for me – since I’m still here?” Well, I’m glad that you asked. God’s divine purpose for your life and mine is that Christ would live in us. I can prove it to you based on what God has said in His own words and what I have personally experienced in my life.

In this book, we will submerge ourselves in statements like “Christ liveth in me” which you will find in the book of Galatians and other books of the bible. Then we will surface with personal testimony that will keep us saturated with the understanding that God’s number one desire for us is to live on the inside of us. Anybody who comes to that understanding will definitely have to give God praise. In fact, that is the reason that I give Him praise - in the midst of madness. - George Moore Jr.